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A Snapshot of the Swiss Banking Law of 1934

Swiss Bank Switzerland is well-known around the world for a number of things. Swiss watches are routinely regarded as being among the best in the global market. Swiss chocolate garners a fair amount of international attention. And the tradition of Swiss neutrality also contributes toward the country’s public identity. However, if there is a single thing which most colors foreign perception of Switzerland... [Read more of this post]

Jacob & Youngs v. Kent: A Lesson on Substantial Performance

Business Contracts Huddleston Tax Weekly will continue to feature articles on contracts because it is very important for business owners to have at least a basic knowledge of contract law. Business owners negotiate and execute contracts on a recurring basis and so an understanding of fundamental contract principles is essential. Today we will discuss the concept of substantial performance and demonstrate... [Read more of this post]

Basic Facts of Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation Cost segregation is a process which involves separating personal property assets from real property assets for the purpose of shortening the time of depreciation and reducing tax liability. In a cost segregation study, assets are classed together according to their depreciation period. Cost segregation has the potential to save building owners large sums of money because it enables... [Read more of this post]

What is Commercial Paper?

Commercial Paper There are a variety of means companies can utilize in order to generate capital. Companies employ certain means rather than others depending on what specific needs they have to fulfill. Commercial paper is an unsecured promissory note which is typically used to fund short-term company projects. Since commercial paper is unsecured – meaning that it is not backed by collateral –... [Read more of this post]

Jones v. Star Credit Corporation: An Example of an Unconscionable Transaction

Legal Contract Simply because all of the elements of a contract have been completed does not necessarily mean that a court will enforce the contract in every individual case. There are special conditions which can make an otherwise perfectly valid contract unenforceable. For instance, when a contract – or a particular clause within a contract – has been deemed “unconscionable” for whatever... [Read more of this post]

Kirksey v. Kirksey: The Case of the Promise Which Lacked Consideration

Real Estate The law of contracts is primarily concerned with deciding whether promises are enforceable in a given set of circumstances. In order to be (facially) valid, the elements of a contract must all be satisfied. A contract consists of the following elements: offer, acceptance, consideration, legality, capacity and writing (when applicable). Occasionally, a dispute arises over whether one (or... [Read more of this post]

An Introduction to New York’s Mobility Tax

In May of 2009, the governor of New York signed into effect the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax (also referred to as simply the “mobility tax”). The MCTMT imposes a tax on both businesses and self-employed individuals provided they meet certain income thresholds. The MCTMT was created so that funds could be raised to support local transportation and infrastructure by taxing non-residents... [Read more of this post]

Characteristics of SEO-Friendly Web Content

Factors of SEO Web Content Producing high quality, SEO-friendly content for your website is a strenuous task. Creating optimal content requires that you not only develop informative, well written material but also manage this material along generally recognized SEO guidelines. Many of the factors – in fact, most – which characterize SEO-friendly website content are self-evident; however, certain... [Read more of this post]

Five Beneficial SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques In a previous article we briefly discussed the Google Algorithm and its central importance in the field of SEO. As stated in that article, the Google Algorithm is modified periodically so as to prevent the accumulation of too much knowledge of its operation. However, though it is continually updated, a number of techniques have been shown to be consistently effective for improving site... [Read more of this post]

Tulip Mania: An Old Presage of Modern Economic Bubbles

Tulip Mania The term “tulip mania” refers to the period during the Dutch Golden Age when the Netherlands saw an incredible rise in the popularity and sale of tulips. Tulips were first introduced to Europe when they were brought from the Ottoman Empire in 1554. They were initially brought to Vienna but made their way to the Netherlands soon thereafter. The increase in popularity of the tulip in... [Read more of this post]

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