Gruen v. Gruen: A Lesson on Gift Delivery

When we think of gift giving we tend to conjure a predictable set of ideas and images: we think of Christmas, birthdays, graduation ceremonies and other occasions in which gifts are exchanged. Seldom do we think of legal ramifications which may be triggered by the delivery of a gift. But when a gift is of exceptionally high monetary value, the act of gift giving can sometimes become a bit more complicated... [Read more of this post]

The Amazon Sales Tax Dispute

With its seemingly endless number of products, competitive prices and customer focused shipping practices, (Amazon) is truly a commercial force to be reckoned with. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is the largest internet-based retailer in the world and, as of 2015, has surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States. Amazon began as an online bookstore... [Read more of this post]

Understanding Cost Basis

Cost basis is a tax concept which is used for determining the true amount which has either been gained or lost from the sale of a given commodity. When you sell property, basis is used to compute the correct amount of tax which is owed from the sale. Though cost basis is a relatively simple concept, it can be a bit difficult to apply in some situations. In this essay we will discuss the fundaments... [Read more of this post]

SEO Mostly Follows from Common Sense

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a widely unknown concept throughout the business world. Slowly but certainly, however, familiarity is increasing as business owners realize that healthy SEO metrics are critically important for business success. But, even among those who are acquainted with the concept, there exists an impression that SEO is an abstruse field only understandable by a tiny minority... [Read more of this post]

A Few Points on Link Building

As mentioned in a prior article, link building is one of the surest ways to increase the stature of your website. However, link building must be done properly otherwise it may lead to severe penalties against your site. In order to be done correctly, a substantial amount of time and effort must be invested in link building: you must satisfy relevancy guidelines, conduct research and usually generate... [Read more of this post]

Essential SEO Principles for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy which focuses on tailoring your website so that it can attain the best possible position in search engine rankings. SEO is a growing field and is becoming increasingly essential to the success of modern businesses. However, despite its growing importance, SEO is still relatively unknown to the general public, and even those who are familiar with... [Read more of this post]

The Tax Benefits of the Legal Profession

Few occupations receive as much attention as the legal profession. Lawyers hold a high position on the occupational totem pole and are regularly portrayed as characters in a variety of media – films, television shows, books and others. Historically, the legal profession has possessed a considerable amount of prestige and many of our most talented citizens aspire to work in law in one capacity or... [Read more of this post]

The Basics of Starting Your Own Business

Starting a new business is an exciting, life-altering endeavor. Historically, it has been America’s entrepreneurial spirit which has pushed us along from the days of the general store up to the bustling multistate corporation. Whether self-taught or equipped with an MBA, all aspiring entrepreneurs have to be aware of a number of essential points when setting up a brand new business. In this article... [Read more of this post]

Tax Deductions for Engineers, Architects & Construction Professionals

Careers in engineering, architecture and construction all have the potential to be extremely rewarding. Though these professions may emphasize different skill sets, they are similar in one very important dimension: all of these fields involve building new things from scratch. There is a creative process inherent to these fields which attracts workers who are not merely bright but also driven to see... [Read more of this post]

The Tax Issues of the Medical Field

When entering their chosen field, medical professionals mull over a number of important concerns. They think about their compensation; they ponder the frightening hours they may have to work; they think about the impact they will make on the lives of their patients. Rarely, if ever, do they wonder about the various tax issues which affect the medical field. As it turns out, tax matters should figure... [Read more of this post]

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