What is Mark-to-Market Accounting?

Mark-to-market accounting – also referred to as “fair value accounting” by some – is a type of accounting which attempts to reflect the market price of assets and liabilities. In mark-to-market, the value of assets and liabilities may change in tandem with market fluctuations. The rationale of mark-to-market accounting is to portray financial conditions with greater accuracy: because values... [Read more of this post]

The Cost of Starbucks’ Dutch Connection

Back in October of 2015, the European Commission ordered the Dutch government to recover approximately €30 million (or about $34 million) from Starbucks. The EC determined that the arrangement made between the two entities was illegal and had given Starbucks an unfair advantage in the marketplace. The Netherlands and Starbucks are expected to appeal the decision. The EC ruling is significant for... [Read more of this post]

The New Connecticut State Budget

Back in May, the state government of Connecticut approved a new budget with the goal of fixing a deficit of approximately $960 million. The budget – which was proposed by the Democrats – did not raise taxes but instead addressed the deficit through various spending cuts and layoffs. General fund spending was cut by $821 million, hospital funding was cut by $43 million and state grants to non-profit... [Read more of this post]

Greiner v. Greiner: Be Careful with Promises

Promises which are made among family members very rarely end up involving the legal system. But those which do tend to offer valuable lessons which, if heeded, can help people avoid considerable hassle and headache. The case of Greiner v. Greiner (1930) is an interesting example of a promise made between family members gone awry. Though the peculiar facts of Greiner are highly unlikely to be replicated... [Read more of this post]

Apple’s New Tax Bill

The European Commission has recently ordered multinational tech giant Apple, Inc. to pay €13 billion to Ireland to settle back tax debt. The EC concluded that the deal made between Apple and Ireland was illegal and aided Apple in avoiding its proper tax liability. Though it is not the largest corporate back tax bill by a long shot, this tax bill will certainly spell substantial changes in the way... [Read more of this post]

Baker v. Weedon: A Case of Mistakenly Sold Property

The process of selling real estate is typically fairly complicated. In order to sell a piece of real estate properly, one usually has to consult with a variety of professionals, such as an appraiser, a licensed agent, a construction professional and others as well. To reap the greatest possible benefit, the seller must also conduct a great deal of market research and be fully conscious of both past... [Read more of this post]

The Basics of the Google Tax Quandary in the U.K.

With total earnings of approximately $74.5 billion for 2015, Google is truly a multinational corporate juggernaut. International sales constitute a substantial portion of Google’s overall revenue source. Presently, sales in the United Kingdom make up about a tenth of Google’s entire income. In recent years, a controversy has developed over Google’s supposed attempts to divert profits in an effort... [Read more of this post]

The Dire Condition of Kansas’ State Budget

In 2012, Kansas governor Sam Brownback and the state legislature passed a measure to reduce state income tax rates for all Kansans and eliminate income tax for some 300,000 LLCs. Brownback and his fellow statesmen reasoned that such a measure would re-energize the state economy and promote job creation; neither Brownback nor any of the legislators believed that such a reduction would have a net negative... [Read more of this post]

Alaska’s Current Tax Debate

The decline in oil tax revenue has sparked an important debate among Alaskan policymakers. Historically, Alaska’s oil supply has resulted in surpluses for its state government; now, with oil production on the decrease, state legislators are seeking measures in order to confront the newly created deficit. At this point, the debate has narrowed down to whether Alaska should adopt a state personal... [Read more of this post]

A Brief History of the Geld

In the year of 2016, we tend to associate tax collection with a number of images and concepts, such as complex forms, expensive government programs and the IRS. Our perception of taxation is inevitably bound to the society in which we live. In reality, however, the basis of this association is merely founded on our general tendency to overlook the full history of tax collection. Historically, taxes... [Read more of this post]

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