5 States with No Sales Tax

If you are planning to move to another state and you are sick of having to deal with high sales tax, it is ideal to move to a state that does not have any. Therefore, today this article will discuss states that do not have sales tax.


Alaska does not have sales taxes; however, they do have local taxes. Local taxes are approximately 1.69%. Therefore, if you like the environment that Alaska has to offer it could be a good idea to relocate to this state to avoid paying expensive sale taxes.


Montana does not have sale taxes either. However, some of the cities in this western state do. Depending on where you decide to move to, you may avoid paying sale and local taxes.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire does not have any sale taxes. However, when you look at the property taxes you will probably understand why. Their neighbor, Massachusetts on the other hand has a 6.25% sale tax, which is probably why Boston residents have no problem relocating to New Hampshire.


Delaware is one of the smaller states. However, when it comes to paying sale taxes this small state allows you to pay none.


Oregon does not have any sale taxes but their income tax is considered high when compared to Washington.

Closing Thoughts

If you were tired of paying high sales taxes, maybe one of these five states would be a better fit. Keep in mind sometimes paying no sales taxes may not be the right move if you are going to be paying the same amount in other taxes.

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