Characteristics of SEO-Friendly Web Content

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Factors of SEO Web Content

Producing high quality, SEO-friendly content for your website is a strenuous task. Creating optimal content requires that you not only develop informative, well written material but also manage this material along generally recognized SEO guidelines. Many of the factors – in fact, most – which characterize SEO-friendly website content are self-evident; however, certain factors depend more greatly on research.

In this article we will describe some of the basic characteristics of SEO-friendly content. Readers should be mindful that this list is not exhaustive and that numerous other factors influence whether content is desirable or not.


This factor likely falls under the self-evident category: material which has more words is generally thought to be favored over material with fewer words. SERPIQ found that content length positively correlated with ranking position. Length is rewarded because length typically denotes a greater amount of effort. Of course, it is not necessarily the case that length indicates quality, but for SEO purposes length tends to send a positive signal.


It is essential that every individual page of your website features content which is wholly original. Content which is pilfered or clearly derivative of preexisting content on the web will produce a negative algorithm response. What’s more, duplicate content will also cause your SEO to suffer. Original content requires effort and therefore it receives favorable treatment.


As a general matter, adding images to pages tends to improve SEO value. However, when you add images to your page content you can enhance the value they confer by optimizing such images along certain guidelines. When you add images, be sure to pay close attention to their file name, title, description, caption and alt text as these things send relevancy signals.


Content which is updated frequently and substantively will receive favored treatment over content which is left unchanged and ignored. Periodic updates signal that your site is well maintained and that your pages are displaying relevant information. As with other factors, freshness denotes effort.

Reading Level

It is well established that Google estimates the reading level of web content. What is less certain is how these estimates affect search engine results. Some SEO specialists feel that more advanced content is favored; others argue that the simplest content is preferred. Though the debate is alive and well, a fair number of SEO professionals feel that the middle ground is the best option. These people feel that both overly simple and overly sophisticated (or specialized) content will fail to attract the largest number of readers and therefore an “intermediate level” is optimal. For most site owners, it is enough to state that your content should be useful but also accessible to your target audience.

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