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In a previous article we briefly discussed the Google Algorithm and its central importance in the field of SEO. As stated in that article, the Google Algorithm is modified periodically so as to prevent the accumulation of too much knowledge of its operation. However, though it is continually updated, a number of techniques have been shown to be consistently effective for improving site quality. In this article we will cover five such techniques.

Update Content

The algorithm rewards diligence and penalizes laziness. Consequently, static content which is left untouched for a long period of time will almost certainly draw negative reactions from the algorithm. It is important to note that both the frequency and magnitude of content updates have SEO effects. Sites which are updated regularly are favored; sites which are updated thoroughly are favored over those which only show superficial changes.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Sites which have duplicate content – or even content which is only slightly dissimilar from other content – may also receive negative responses from the algorithm. The assumption is that duplicate content is the result of laziness and should be penalized accordingly. Site owners should be sure to only publish content which is entirely original.

Monitor Link Relevancy

It is important that site owners keep track of the relevancy of outbound links. If you have a page about a particular subject – financial derivatives, as an example – be sure that you only include links which have a clear connection to that subject. The reason for this is because irrelevant links will misrepresent your page’s theme and consequently will cause the algorithm to inaccurately classify your page. A page about financial derivatives which links to pages about automobiles will send incorrect relevancy signals to the algorithm.

Avoid Broken Links

If your page contains an excess of broken links this may incite a negative response from the algorithm. Broken links tend to indicate laziness or outright neglect. It is particularly important to make sure that you have functioning links on your homepage.

Add YouTube Videos

Adding multimedia (i.e. images, videos, audio, etc.) is generally recognized as a beneficial practice for sites. Including YouTube videos specifically may be even more beneficial. Videos tend to have high SEO value as a general matter, and YouTube videos are thought to carry greater weight than other videos because YouTube is now owned by Google. This may be shamelessly self-promotional on the part of Google, but it is a fact nonetheless.

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