Five Tax Experts to Follow on Twitter

Tax is a field that changes constantly. The best way to navigate this field is with knowledge. By following and checking in with the experts on social media, you can be aware of changes as they happen. It will help you stay on top of what’s an extremely complex industry.TwitterBird

Here are our top five tax experts to follow on Twitter.

  1. @IRStaxpros

You will be happy to know that the IRS is also here on social media. It makes sense to follow the latest news straight from those who know tax best. They always tweet out changes to the tax system as they happen.


The National Association of Tax Professionals is jammed full of articles and links to help you educate yourself on matters relating to tax.

  1. @NSATax

The National Society of Accountants is a fantastic resource for accountants. Nevertheless, even the average person can understand the basics of good accounting and how to take into account their taxes. Remember that accountancy and taxes go hand-in-hand.

  1. @taxfoundation

The Tax Foundation tweets out information relating to states and their taxes. This is a great little resource for finding out what’s going on in specific areas of the country.

  1. @thetaxdude

Neil Johnson is a tax expert based in Chicago. He tweets on how to deal with tax and how best to manage your money. What better way to learn about taxes than to go to someone who helps clients from all backgrounds manage it every day.

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