How the IRS Helps Victims of Tax Fraud

InternalRevenuePhotoThe IRS has made it clear that they take tax fraud very seriously. The IRS does not solely focus on those who commit tax fraud, however, they also expend considerable effort to assist victims of such fraud. Though this is the case, some taxpayers are unclear as to exactly how the IRS helps victims of tax fraud. Therefore, today we are discussing how the IRS helps victims of tax fraud.

They Invite You to Call Them

The IRS is open to calls about tax fraud. Even if you aren’t the victim of tax fraud, if you suspect that you are you should call them so they can investigate. When on the phone with them they will go over the next steps with you and they have information sprinkled throughout the web.

Their Website Has Information Available

The IRS openly discusses tax fraud on their website to ensure that you know the current tax scams that are circulating. They also have a checklist for you to follow if you find yourself the victim of tax fraud. They even provide contact numbers and websites for the other agencies that you need to contact when your identity has been stolen.

They Doubled the Number of Employees in the Department

In an effort to help speed up the processing of tax fraud reports the IRS doubled the number of employees who are trained for and dedicated to tax fraud cases. Currently, they have more than 3,000 employees working on that section alone.

Closing Thoughts

If you find yourself the victim of tax fraud, the IRS has your back. They want you to regain control over your identity as quickly as possible, which is why they urgently recommend that you report to them immediately.

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