Identity Theft and Other Tax Scams to Watch Out For

Tax scams are on the rise. Therefore, it is important that you watch out for identity theft and other tax scams. Today, we are discussing some of the most common tax scams to watch out for.
Phone Scams
People will call you and pretend to be the IRS. This has been increasing over the years, and they threaten taxpayers with arrests, deportation, and other things. Keep in mind the IRS is not going to call you; instead, they will send a letter in the mail.
Taxpayers are being targeted with emails or websites that have a goal of stealing their information. Keep in mind the IRS is never going to email you about a bill or your refund. You should never enter your personal information online on an unsecure website.
Identity Theft
Around tax time identity theft skyrockets because criminals will try to file using others social security numbers. The IRS is progressing on reducing fraudulent returns but taxpayers should always make sure that they safeguard their information.
Return Preparer Fraud
Do not go to individual tax preparers.  Individuals will steal your information, file your return, and spend your tax refund. Everyone is not trustworthy so you have to be careful as to who you give your personal information to. Instead, you need to go to a reputable business such as Huddleston Tax CPAs.
Bottom Line
At Huddleston Tax CPAs, we can advise you. You work hard for your money so do not let criminals get your well-deserved tax refund for free. Visit our Bellevue CPA site for information about our firm.

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