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A couple of weeks ago we provided a link to Dave Marshall’s “Bean Counter” blog. “The Bean Counter” is a pretty good resource for teaching yourself bookkeeping methods. Hopefully, you gave it a look! In the meantime, we remembered something else you may find useful and we wanted to share it with you as well. Take a look at these videos from the Khan Academy. Salman Khan is an MIT and Harvard grad who’s made a name for himself uploading free educational videos to Youtube on an increasingly wide variety of topics from algebra to evolution to American history.

We’re giving him mention because along with these topics, his channel also has a ton of great finance resources that cover a broad range of topics including basic accounting topics such as interest and equity to more complicated stuff like depreciation and then finally the really complicated finance stuff–Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction, anyone?

Give the whole channel a look, its kind of amazing just how many topics are covered in the videos and how informative they are.

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