Top 5 Stories of the 2014 tax season

Today is the last day of tax season! This is the appropriate t-shirt for today! As far as tax seasons go, this one has been somewhat eventful and has received quite a bit of media coverage. Here are 5 popular stories you may have heard about this tax season.

1.) The beginning of tax season was pushed back a week due to the government shutdown in October of 2013. Tax season was supposed to open Jan 21st  but instead opened on Jan. 31st. This of course doesn’t change the deadline. In January, compared to some of the other issues the IRS was facing, one can’t imagine the IRS brass sweating this one anymore than they had to.

2.) What are these other issues we speak of? Well, there was a widely publicized scandal involving tea party groups and the Cincinnati IRS office in late 2013. After a few choice resignations, John Koskinen was appointed new IRS commissioner. We wrote this post about it.

3.) The scandal and the fall out, of course, are ongoing stories, but if you ask Lois Lerner what she thinks she’ll probably plead the fifth.

4.) The media began reporting on IRS warnings about telephone scandals sometime in February. We even wrote a post about it. Apparently, these are rather sophisticated scandals run by criminals posing as IRS agents that usually target immigrants, threatening them with deportation, etc. You can read the official IRS warning here, or if you like you can do a Google news search for “IRS scam warnings” and take your pick from dozens of regional sites all reporting the same exact story.

5.) For the last newsworthy story of the 2014 tax season, there’s good news! Apparently, your chances of being audited by the IRS are the lowest they’ve been in 30 years. Who knew? Apparently, this is due to another of the IRS’s ongoing issues. It’s undermanned. It’s that simple and that sad. The Huffington Post tells all …

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