ABBA and other crazy tax deductions

This post is for all of you ABBA aficionados cum tax payers. ABBA is releasing a new book soon entitled Abba: The Official Photo Book. In it member Björn Ulvaeus (photo) admits the colorful outfits ABBA were known for in the ’70’s were donned for tax deductions as much as they were about cultivating a glam image.

Sound a touch scandalous? Well, only if you wear a suit to the office.

abba gif

According to this article on the ABBA tax write off, this kind of deduction is totally viable for the likes of ABBA and/or a fireman while anyone wearing your average workaday business suit to work is more or less being too “aggressive” when they make this kind of deduction. In both the Swedish and American tax codes the idea is that work clothes are permissible for deduction only if they cannot be worn on the streets or in a capacity other than for work.

So if you wear something like these ensembles to work feel free to deduct away. Otherwise, it’s probably best to just grin and bear your non-tax deductible normalcy, and leave your deductions up to a professional accounting firm like Huddleston Tax CPAs. Give us a call at 425-483-6600!