Moscow, Sevastopol and Seattle

In the not so distant past (last week?), we linked to a well-informed article from a CPA about Russian versus Western influence on Ukraine in this post. Since then, there have been new developments in that part of the world as you may or may not be aware.

If you are not aware, read on for a quick education. Russia has recently invaded Ukraine to secure a Black Sea port on the Crimean peninsula. In response, Obama declared happy hour, apparently.

This is a fairly major world event, and along with using our blog to educate our readers on who we are as a company and the great tax services we provide our clients, we thought we might bring up these events in a fitting context.

With that said, as a small business in the Seattle area, we found this article on the impact of the Crimean invasion on Washington state’s economy notable.

It appears that if President Obama does indeed follow through with his threats to impose sanctions on Russia for invading Crimea, it could have an impact on the seafood and airplane manufacturing industries in Washington state.

As a small business concerned with other small businesses in the Seattle area, this is certainly something we could all keep an eye on.

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