5 Apps Which Can Help if You Procrastinated on Your Taxes

Society is becoming technology based. Applications have been designed for mobile devices to make it easier to keep track of spending, donations, mileage and more. The apps are convenient to use.MobileApps

ItsDeductible Donation Tracker

If you make charitable donations to offset tax liabilities, this app is a big help. Users can track the amount of a donation, the organization’s name and keep track of itemized logs for filing purposes.


With IRS2Go, users are able to view the status of a refund, view tax records and find tax preparers. IRS specific notifications can also be sent to your phone from the app. You are not able to file taxes from this app, though.


Expensify is a good app for those that travel for business frequently. You are able to track traveled miles, meals and other business expenses. A photo of your receipts is all that is needed.

Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Reference

The Bloomberg reference app helps users see tax schedules and rates with a simple search. The app has a built-in calculator and includes retroactive calculation technology to go back as far as 2011.


When you drive or fly regularly for business purposes, MileIQ helps keep track of the miles you have traveled. You are able to select business routes to automatically track mileage and automatically detect and track business travel.

It is ideal to make sure that the app you wish to use is available for the operating system on your phone. Some will send notifications to get your attention. Easy access to tax deduction information can make the filing process easier too.

Image credit: Sean MacEntee

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