How to cheat on your taxes . . . but not

Take a look at this fun and informative article from the New York Times on how to cheat on your taxes!

Well, maybe that description is a bit misleading, but here’s the thing–From a few short anecdotes by accountants on far-fetched ideas for deductions to a description of the government’s dream taxpayer, there’s a lot in this article to catch your attention about the notoriously dull task of paying taxes.

Accordingly, don’t expect any real tips or sound strategies for cheating the IRS (this is a legit accounting blog, after all!), but you may learn a lot about how the government approaches its collections and how the tax code became so complex.

For example, did you know that the present U. S. tax code is over 5,000 pages or that of the nation’s leading corporations “more than half are being audited at any given time?”

If you like this topic be sure to take a look at “planet money: the economy explained,” a podcast and blog with a lot of really great material on issues pertaining to finance, marketplaces and global economics. An NPR program, they do a really good job presenting the topic in an entertaining way without dumbing things down. Their content is regularly updated, and if we find a story over there that interests us we’ll be sure to share it with you.

For example, is it just me or does “Every Job In America, In 1 Graph” sound ridiculously intriguing? I mean come on! All of them?!?

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Remember tax season begins the 31st. So get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of the boring stuff!





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