Top Tax Software Programs

EfileTaxesAre you planning to do your own taxes this year? If so, you may want to look into using one of these two software programs. These programs arguably occupy the top two positions within the tax software market and are potentially highly useful for the self-filing taxpayer.

Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax is one of the most well-known tax software programs. They have a variety of features available to ensure that regardless of how simple or complex your tax situation is they can handle it. They also stand behind the motto that they can get you the largest tax refund possible. The best part is when you file with Turbo Tax, you don’t have to stay up to date with the tax laws because they will ask you a few simple questions and automatically pull all of the deductions and credits that you are eligible for.

H & R Block

H & R Block is known for their physical locations; however, they have tax software available for those who prefer to file their own returns. With H & R Block, you can still come into an office if you are stuck doing your taxes yourself and their packages come with phone support and audit protection. Usually, you have to pay extra for filing your state returns, but the ability to come into an office for help if you get stuck makes up for that.

Closing Thoughts

If you plan to file your own taxes this year, it is recommended that you use either Turbo Tax or H & R Block’s software to do so. You can be confident knowing that their software’s are secure and that your personal information is not going to be going into the wrong hands. Additionally, if by chance you happen to be audited by the IRS, you can know that they have your back.

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