The Biggest Tax Fears of U.S. Citizens

Americans have many fears when it comes to filing taxes. One of the most common is missing the tax filing deadline. Everyone is well aware of this date, but many people procrastinate and run out of time. Below is a list of the most common fears related to taxes experienced by Americans.TaxesScrabbleCloseUp

Having to Pay

When you find that you have to pay and are not getting a refund, take a second look at your return. Don’t fear having to pay, look for ways to cut your tax liability. If you have zero options, work out a payment plan with the IRS. While this option does come with having to pay interest and fees, it is actually a less stressful option.


Audits are, perhaps, the biggest fear that American taxpayers have. Audits are scary and can reveal that mistakes were made on previous returns. An audit can result in you owing more than you initially thought. Although rare, an audit can result in a refund if it is found that you shorted yourself.

Higher Taxes

It seems that Americans are paying more taxes almost everywhere, even at a local retailer. Higher taxes should be expected as the U.S. has had so many fluctuations in personal income tax rates over the last decade.


You do not have to have fears about filing and paying taxes. It is something that everyone has to do. Prepare yourself for owing the IRS by putting a little extra away each week. It makes the burden more surmountable later.

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