The Worst States for Paying Taxes in 2015

On average Americans, pay about $17,000 in taxes each year. While this may seem like a lot imagine if yoMapUnitedStatesu had to pay more. Today we are discussing some of the worst states for paying taxes in 2015.


Maine ranks in #10 in the country when it comes to taxes. If you are able to move to New Hampshire or Massachusetts, you will find that your tax burden would be lower.


Iowa has the #9 spot when compared to other states. If possible, you may consider moving to South Dakota because you will receive a tax bill that is approximately $3,700 on average.

New Jersey

New Jersey comes in #8 and residents here can expect to pay about $8,830 in taxes. However, just over in Delaware residents are enjoying an average tax bill of $5,195.


Connecticut has the #4 spot and it’s no surprise that residents here can pay over $9,000 in taxes. However, what is shocking is the average household income is $48,000.


Nebraska takes the third slot on the list, because residents spend about $9,400 each year on state and local taxes. Wyoming, one of the neighboring states only asks their residents for a little over $2,000 a year though.

Closing Thoughts

If you live in one of the states that we have mentioned today and feel like you are paying too much in taxes, it may be time to consider a move. Check out some of the neighboring states and you may be surprised to learn that they pay less than half in state and local taxes than what you pay now.

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