What to Do About Missing W-2s

If you are an employee, before you are able to file your taxes you have to have your W-2. The IRS requires employers to send out this form by January 31. However, what do you do if your W-2 never arrives? Today, we will be discussing the solution.
Contact Payroll
If your W-2 has not arrived and February has already started making its way to an end, it is important to contact payroll. Make sure that they have the correct address on file and if they have not sent your form out yet you can go to the office and pick it up yourself.
Contact the IRS
If payroll is not up to helping you, contact the IRS and make sure you have your last pay stub on hand. This way your missing W-2 can be recreated. You can reach the IRS at 800-829-1040. They can send your employer a friendly reminder to let them know that they need to get you the form.
Recreate it Yourself
In the event that you are not able to get through to the IRS, you can download Form 4852 from the official IRS website and fill in the information yourself. Once done, you will be able to attach the form to your tax return. However, since the IRS has to verify the information is correct this can cause your refund to be delayed.
Bottom Line
Huddleston Tax CPAs is a Seattle CPA firm that can help you with any W-2 issues you may encounter. You have to have your W-2 to file taxes and usually if you contact your employer, they can get your W-2 to you quickly. Call us at  (425) 483-6600!

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